Benefits of Joining CFP

By joining the Colorado Forest Products™ (CFP) Program, businesses can be more visible and accessible to consumers and be recognized as a local source of products in the marketplace.

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Benefits of Joining CFPCFP Logo

Members Receive:

  • A trademarked digital membership logo for use on marketing materials, website and products packaging, etc.
  • A no-cost listing of their business in the Colorado Forest Products™ database and the Colorado Proud™ directories
  • Access to technical and business assistance from the Colorado Wood Utilization and Marketing business consultants and staff
  • Up-to-date information about news and events going on around the state

How Does CFP Work?

To join CFP, members must certify that at least 50 percent of all wood materials used in processing and manufacturing are derived from public or private forests in Colorado as a result of forest management activities.

There is no cost to join the program. To get started, view the online license agreement.

Who Should Consider Joining CFP?

Examples of current membership include, but are not limited to:

  • Private landowners who sell wood generated from their forest management activities
  • Fuel and firewood producers
  • Sawmill owners and operators
  • Log home builders
  • Specialty wood product producers
  • Colorado native tree dealers
  • Wood furniture companies
  • Shavings, chips and sawdust producers