Why Buy Colorado Wood Products?

Ninety to 100 percent of wood products purchased in Colorado are imported from out of state, which has environmental, economic and social implications on Colorado's natural resources and local communities.

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Colorado's Source of Wood Products

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Colorado uses tremendous amounts of wood products, but it depends on imports from other states and countries to meet its needs. Key states exporting wood products to Colorado include Oregon, Idaho, Washington, California, Montana, Arkansas, Minnesota and Washington. Canada and Mexico also export large quantities of wood products into Colorado as well.

Purchasing Local Wood Products

There are existing businesses in the state of Colorado that produce and supply locally derived wood products. Purchasing products that were grown, harvested and manufactured in the state:

Decreases Fossil Fuel Consumption and Emissions

In many cases, wood products are being transported great distances to Colorado. This increases the amount fossil fuel used and burned to transport materials.

Retains Consumer Dollars in Colorado Economy

Purchasing local products, keeps consumer dollars in Colorado’s economy and does not flow to other states. It also keeps local people employed whether they are working directly for the company or supply materials to the company or goes to the local grocery store it stays within the community.

Increases Ability and Opportunity to Improve Colorado's Forest Health Conditions

Supporting local products produced with Colorado wood can help reduce forest management and restoration treatment costs because the wood coming out of the forest has value. When products are generated as a result of these treatments, they generate revenue and create an opportunity to improve Colorado’s forest health.


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Wood Use in Colorado at the Turn of the 21st Century

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