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Colorado State Sales Tax Exemption on Beetle Wood Products June 2012 Update
(18 KB PDF)

Effective July 1, 2008, products made of wood salvaged from Colorado trees that have been infested by mountain pine beetles are exempt from state sales and use tax. The exemption applies to lumber, furniture, wood chips, wood pellets and other products.


Wood Products Online Expo

The online expo provides an events calendar for the wood products industry. Events include expos, trade shows, conventions, conferences, meetings, fairs and forums.

Log and Timber Home Show

The Log and Timber Home Show provides businesses an opportunity to exhibit life-size log and timber frame structures, furniture and decor displays. The show also features free workshop presentations and educational demonstration areas.


Colorado Timber Industry Association

The Colorado Timber Industry Association is a 501(c)(6) trade association that advocates for Colorado's forest products companies and scientific sustainable forest management.

Western Wood Products Association

The Western Wood Products Association is a trade association that represents softwood lumber manufacturers in the 12 Western states, covering the Canadian border south to Mexico and the West Coast to the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Intermountain Forest Association

The Intermountain Forest Association develops and implements solution-oriented policies intended to provide a positive climate for forest management as well as a stable and sustainable supply of timber from public and private forestlands. The association also works to assure that regulations affecting our member companies remain reasonable.

Smallwood Utilization Network

SUN offers a broad network to deal with the complex set of challenges in supply, production and marketing for the emerging smallwood industry. To keep you up-to-date with the industry, SUN has an email newsletter and a forum where you can comment on the newsletter articles.

USDA Forest Products Laboratory

The mission of the Forest Product Lab is to identify and conduct innovative wood and fiber utilization research that contributes to conservation and productivity of the forest resource, thereby sustaining forests, the economy and quality of life.

Dovetail Partners Inc.

A nonprofit organization that collaborates to develop unique concepts, systems, programs and models to foster sustainable forestry and catalyze responsible trade and consumption.