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CoWood Resources: Utilizing Colorado Wood

Business Planning

Opportunities for Making Wood Products in Colorado

General Overview



Mountain Pine Beetle/Blue-Stain

Working with Colorado Commercial Tree Species

Forest Products Utilization Handbook

  • The new 2010 Forest Products Utilization handbook contains new and extensive information for the harvesting and manufacturing of forest products. Read more



Engelmann Spruce

Lodgepole Pine

Piñon Pine

Ponderosa Pine

Subalpine Fir

White Fir

If you are interested in other resources about utilizing Colorado wood, please contact the Colorado Wood Utilization and Marketing staff:

Dr. Kurt Mackes
Assistant Professor
Colorado State University
(970) 491-4066

Tim Reader
Utilization and Marketing Forester
Durango Office, Colorado State Forest Service
(970) 247-5250

Mike Eckhoff
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Forestry and Rangeland Stewardship
Colorado State University
(970) 219-2140

Kristina Hughes
Graduate Student
Forestry and Natural Resources Management
Colorado State University