Forest Products Utilization Handbook

Previously updated in 1980, our 2010 Forest Products Utilization handbook contains new and extensive information for the harvesting and manufacturing of forest products.

Forest Products Utilization Handbook Available

Handbook OverviewTo order the 2010 Edition of the Forest Products Utilization Handbook, click here.

The conveniently sized 5x6-inch handbook is perfect for use in the field. It contains extensive updates for the harvesting and manufacturing of forest products since the publication of the 1980 edition. These updates reflect the changing needs and capacities of Colorado's forest products businesses and forest products extension personnel.

New to our 2010 edition are discussions of log sorting and material handling principles, woody biomass fuels specifications as well as an expanded glossary of terms of the sawmill trade.

The handbook is available at cost for $10.00 through the Colorado State University Extension online store.

Handbook Sections

Section A: Logging
Section B: Sorting
Section C: Primary Log Processing
Section D: Drying
Section E: Secondary Processing
Section F: Wood Anatomy & Properties
Section G: Conversion Factors
Section H: Glossary