The state of Colorado values healthy, resilient forest landscapes and is willing to invest state funds in the stewardship of these resources.

Lake in the forest
SB 039Training Directors of Fire Protection Districts in the WUIDirects the Division of Fire Safety to develop a pilot education program for Board members of Fire Protection Districts in the wildland-urban interface.
SB 071Extend the Forest Restoration Pilot ProgramExtends for five years the Community Forest Restoration Grant Program that was established in 2007 through the passage of HB 1130. Grants are available to communities for fuels mitigation and restoration.
SB 221Watershed Bonding for Forest HealthWith proper authority and agreement, bonds can be issued for forest health and watershed protection projects.
SB 232CSU Agency Line Item AuthorizationAuthorizes the General Assembly to appropriate funds directly to the Colorado State Forest Service, Agricultural Experiment Station and CSU Extension.
HB 1110Income Tax DeductionFive-year program that allows a landowner to deduct the actual costs of wildfire mitigation up to $2,500.
HB 1269Sales and Tax exemptions for Beetle-Killed TreesExempts beetle-infested logs and products made from such logs from state sales and use taxes.
HB 1318 Mitigating the Effects of the Pine Beetle InfestationEstablishes a beetle mitigation fund that allows the public to make voluntary donations that can be used to treat beetle-infested state-owned lands.
HJR 1033Colorado Forest HealthPromotes active management in National Forests impacted by bark beetles.
SJR 10Concerning Stewardship ContractingRequests that the USFS, BLM and CSFS work together to identify and implement up to three long-term stewardship contracts.
SJR 25WUI Interim CommitteeCreates an eight-member interim committee to hold hearings on issues related to the WUI, fuels mitigation, firefighting, tree mortality from bark beetles and incentives for forestry-related industry.