Which Trees are Available?

Trees and shrubs are grown at the CSFS Nursery for their demonstrated conservation characteristics and are suitable for Colorado weather conditions.

A Buyers Guide is available through the CSFS Nursery at (970) 491-8429. This guide provides useful information about trees' and shrubs' growth form, crown density, size, drought resistance, cold hardiness, growth rate, life span, elevational range, soil conditions, possible insects and disease problems, wildlife value, seasonal color and other information. The Buyers Guide (1.8 MB PDF) also can be downloaded.

Please see the current seedling tree application form for species available from our nursery. The application form is available on our Buying Trees web page.

This information also has been condensed and combined with other information into the easy-to-use Species Suitability Guide for Colorado. Additional information includes cold hardiness, drought resistance, alkali tolerance, windbreak suitability, wildlife suitability, mature height, growth form and elevational range.

For in-depth information on species in these publications, visit the USDA Plants Database. You can search this database using either scientific or common names.