Montrose District

Landscape-scale Management

General Vegetation Across Multiple Landscapes on the Montrose District

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Due to recent rapid population growth, increasing demands for "wild" lands and growing public interest, the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) has developed a more holistic approach toward the management of Colorado’s natural resources with a focus on landscape management and forest restoration. By taking a stewardship role, the CSFS encourages landowners to meet their individual objectives and maintain or improve the overall resource condition while considering all values.

The seven hydrologic basins of the Montrose District include the Upper and Lower Dolores, the Upper and Lower Gunnison, the San Miguel, the Uncompahgre and the Montezuma. Each hydrologic basin of the Montrose District differs in the ecological status, economic conditions and sociopolitical influences. All of these factors are strategically important in an approach that achieves Colorado stewardship while meeting local landowner and community goals. Our aim is to analyze these watersheds in collaboration with our partners and emphasize land management across the entire landscape.

Ownership Across Multiple Landscapes on the Montrose District

Selected Local / Regional Landscape-scale Management Projects

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