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Fire is a natural process that provides ecological benefits. Hazards to life and property exist when a fire occurs and where conditions are conducive for the fire to grow. The effect of fire on your property is partially determined by what you have done to effect fire's behavior and by what your neighbors have done.

Wildfire Mitigation

Although we all like to think the fire will be somewhere other than on our own property, fire is a part of forest ecology. It's not a matter of if it will happen, but when it happens.

Salida District personnel can give you suggestions and tips to make your forest more resilient to fire and to keep your home safe. Working alone, you can significantly increase the chances of your home surviving a wildfire. If you work with your neighbors and community you can significantly increase the chances of returning to green trees.

In addition to a property assessment, we are available to mark trees for removal and provide names of potential tree removal contractors to work with.

At the Salida District office we have a variety of educational materials explaining "defensible space" and how to apply it to your property. Creating defensible space may mean moving firewood away from the house and trees, sweeping debris from the roof, keeping the ground cover next to the house well-watered or removing trees. Both potential ground fuels and aerial fuels need to be addressed.

You also may want to view our Defensible Space page.

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