What is the Seedling Tree Program?

Our seedling tree program encourages landowners to plant new forests and natural windbreaks that reduce soil erosion, protect homes, cropland, livestock and highways, and enhance wildlife habitat.

The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) seedling tree program allows farmers, ranchers and rural landowners to obtain trees at a nominal cost. Our goal is to encourage landowners to plant new forests; to establish effective windbreaks that reduce erosion; to protect homes, cropland, livestock and highways; and to enhance wildlife habitat. Trees and shrubs are grown at the CSFS nursery for conservation benefits only. Ornamental qualities such as color, degree of flowering, fruit production, etc. are not guaranteed.

Program Qualification

  • Use the seedlings for conservation practices only

If you qualify to purchase seedling trees through the CSFS Nursery, please go to our Buying Trees page to find out who to contact in your county.