Spruce Beetle

The spruce beetle has caused extensive tree damage to all species of spruce throughout the West.

Spruce Beetle Progression
in Southwestern Colorado

Spruce Beetle Progression in Southwestern Colorado, 2002-2013 Map.

Spruce Beetle in Colorado

Spruce beetle infestations usually are found in large diameter trees that have been felled by wind or stressed by natural factors such as flooding, drought or old age.

Symptoms of Infestation

Needles on infested trees tend to drop to the ground after high winds. This can happen the second summer after the tree has been infested. Trees that have been killed by the spruce bark beetle are very dry and may create a severe fire hazard. In addition, wood products can be lost and watershed function impaired.

Management Options

Large outbreaks of the spruce beetle are difficult to control. Small infestations can be eliminated by quick action such as removal of infested trees. Contact a professional forester about the silvicultural, physical and chemical management practices available.

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