Species Suitability Guide for Colorado


E = Excellent
G = Good
F = Fair
P = Poor

Compiled by Randy Moench, 1997
Colorado State Forest Nursery, Fort Collins, CO

  Cold Hardiness Drought Resistance Alkali Tolerance Windbreak Suitability Wildlife Suitability Mature Height Growth Form Elevational Range
Deciduous Shrubs
Caragana E E E E E 10 dense to 9,500
Cotoneaster E G F E E 6 dense to 9,500
Honeysuckle E G G E G 10 spreading to 8,000
Chokecherry E G G E E 10 spreading to 9,000
Lilac E G G E G 8 dense to 8,000
Native plum E G G E E 8 open to 8,000
Sumac E E E E E 4 dense to 8,000
Sand cherry E G G F E 4 open to 7,500
Nanking cherry E G F G E 6 spreading to 8,000
European sage F E F P F 5 spreading to 6,000
Woods rose E G G G E 4 dense to 10,000
Buffaloberry E G E E E 10 dense to 7,500
Four-wing saltbush E E E G E 4 open to 8,500
Golden currant E G G G E 5 open to 8,000
Serviceberry E G F G E 6 spreading to 9,000
Mountain mahogany E G F F F 6 spreading to 9,000
Antelope bitterbrush E G F P E 3 spreading to 8,500
New Mexican forestiera G E E E E 10 dense to 7,500
Snowberry E F F P E 3 open to 9,500
Coyote willow E P G P F 10 dense to 9,500
Deciduous Trees
Green ash E E G E F 35 elliptical to 6,000
Siberian elm E E G G F 40 spreading to 8,000
Hybrid cottonwood E P E F F 60 spreading to 6,500
Narrowleaf cottonwood E F E F F 50 spreading to 9,500
Golden willow E P E G F 35 spreading to 8,000
Hackberry E G F E G 35 spreading to 7,000
Honeylocust E E G F G 35 spreading to 7,500
Lombardy poplar E P P P E 40 columnar to 8,000
Lacebark elm P G E F P 50 spreading to 5,000
Bur oak E E G G E 50 spreading to 7,000
Aspen E P P P E 35 open above 6,000
Black locust F G G F F 40 spreading to 6,000
Austrian pine G E G G F 40 open crown to 7,000
Colorado blue spruce E F F G G 60 dense crown to 9,000
Douglas-fir E G F P G 70 dense crown 6,000 to 9,000
Engelmann spruce E G F G G 70 dense crown above 8,000
Eastern redcedar E E G E E 18 dense crown to 7,500
Lodgepole pine E E G F G 60 open crown above 6,000
Piñon pine E E E G G 15 dense crown to 7,500
Ponderosa pine E E G E E 40 open crown to 9,000
Rocky Mountain juniper E E E E E 15 dense crown to 9,000
Scotch pine G G F F F 40 open crown to 7,000
White fir E G F F G 60 dense crown to 9,000
Bristlecone pine E F G E G 40 open crown to 11,000
Limber pine E G F F G 35 open crown to 11,000

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