Support Colorado's Forests

Caring for Colorado's Forests – Your donations will help shape the next forest and nurture the natural environment that we all depend on and enjoy.

Lost Lake slough, West Elk Mountains, Colorado. Photo: B. Cotton

You can Help by Donating to the Following Funds:

How to donate online

Colorado Bark Beetle Mitigation

Colorado's forests have experienced the largest pine beetle outbreak in our state's recorded history. Our vision for the future is to help Colorado's forests develop greater resilience to insect and disease epidemics.

Donations to the Colorado Bark Beetle Mitigation Fund will help remove dead and dying beetle-infested trees on state-owned forestlands.

Colorado State Forest Service

Donations to the Colorado State Forest Service fund will help support CSFS programs and activities that facilitate our mission "to achieve stewardship of Colorado's diverse forest environments for present and future generations."

Forest Legacy Monitoring Endowment

The Forest Legacy Monitoring Endowment was established to receive grants and private donations that support Forest Legacy Conservation Easements.

Restoring Colorado's Forests Fund

In the aftermath of destructive wildfires, reforestation of burned land helps protect water supplies, restores wildlife habitat and reduces flooding and erosion.

Donations to the Restoring Colorado's Forests Fund will provide tree seedlings for planting on privately owned and state-managed lands throughout Colorado that have been most severely impacted by wildfire or other disasters. Areas that are most critical to water protection and wildlife habitat, and that provide the most public benefit, will be targeted for planting efforts.

Thomas B. Borden Tree Account

Donations to the Tom Borden Tree Account help fund trees that will be planted on the Colorado State University Main Campus. Other special activities or proposals related to university vegetation management also will be considered.

Online Donations

To donate online, please visit the Warner College of Natural Resources Make a Gift web page at Colorado State University.

  • Click on "Support Another Fund"
  • Then click "Browse other funds in Natural Resources" to "Colorado State Forest Service"
  • Choose the CSFS fund to which you would like to donate
  • Fill out the online form

Thank you for your support!