Trees & Shrubs


Many naturally occurring plants in our area are highly flammable during the summer and can fuel a wildfire, causing it to rapidly spread. Removing flammable native vegetation and replacing it with low-growing, fire-resistive plants is one of the easiest and most effective ways to create a defensible space.

Select landscape vegetation based on fire resistance and ease of maintenance, as well as visual enhancement of your property. In general, fire-resistive plants grow close to the ground, have a low sap or resin content, grow without accumulating dead branches, needles, leaves or other debris, are easily maintained and pruned, and in some cases, are drought-tolerant.

Learn more about trees and shrubs (61 KB PDF). You may also wish to view these fact sheets:

Fire & Water Wise Plants

Any plant in a wildland ecosystem is potential fuel for a fire. However, a few are more FireWise than others. Some plants are both fire resistant and drought tolerant. As it turns out, the two go hand in hand, and make ideal vegetation choices for your land in the Colorado foothills or mountain landscapes.

Landscaping with water wise plants, known as xeriscaping, is an environmentally friendly practice that also saves you money on your monthly water bill. Contrary to many misconceptions, xeriscaping does not necessarily mean only using rock gardens and cacti. Many xeriscape plants are vibrant and colorful flowers, and choosing such plants can be a beautiful way to design a Colorado garden.