Why Plant Trees?

Trees benefit our landscapes by protecting property from wind, reducing soil erosion, improving wildlife habitat and reducing cooling and heating costs.

Planting trees on your property can help improve the quality of the land by:

  • Protecting property and livestock from the wind
  • Restoring or enhancing natural beauty
  • Reducing soil erosion and improving crop yields
  • Providing food and cover for wildlife
  • Increasing property values
  • Increasing the number and health of forests
  • Reducing water evaporation, preserving winter moisture, and protecting and improving water quality
  • Controlling snow drifts
  • Reducing atmospheric carbon dioxide
  • Reducing heating and cooling costs. (by providing protection from sun and wind, trees can reduce energy costs by as much as 30 percent.)
  • Protecting livestock from the elements, maintaining and improving livestock weight gain and reducing calving losses
  • Increasing supplies of renewable resources