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Community forests are dynamic ecosystems that help clean air and water, and conserve energy.

Trees in Communities

The trees planted in the Tree City USAs in the San Luis Valley include Alamosa, Monte Vista, Saguache, Del Norte and Fort Garland create an urban forest. A healthy urban forest protects water quality, provides wind and sun protection, provides habitat for birds, mammals and insects, and adds considerable aesthetic value that makes businesses and neighborhoods more inviting.

Many trees planted in our communities are not native to Colorado. Most of the communities in the San Luis Valley are located on the valley floor. Cottonwood trees along river corridors are the only native trees located here. To be healthy, these trees need more water than the state’s climate provides, adequate space to grow and proper care.

Caring for the trees around homes and parks tends to be more intensive because there are more sources of stress such as compacted soil; bark injury from animals, lawn mowers, weed whackers or vehicles; inadequate water; use of chemicals; and improper pruning cuts.

Our Services to Communities & Property Owners

  • Tree Identification
  • Proper Planting Techniques
  • Sick Tree Calls
  • Proper Tree Care, Including- Planting, Watering & Pruning
  • How to Protect Trees During Construction
  • Community Tree Inventory
  • Community Forest Management Recommendations and Plans

We are available to address tree care issues from our office or we can make site visits by appointment. A group also may request a workshop on a particular subject.

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Map powered by the Colorado Forest Atlas from the Colorado State Forest Service