The Cañon City Field Office works with federal, state and local agencies in Custer, Fremont and Pueblo counties.

Federal Partners

Bureau of Land Management

National BLM

BLM Colorado

Royal Gorge Field Office:  (719) 269-8500

Natural Resources Conservation Service

National NRCS

NRCS Colorado

Custer County:  (719) 783-2481

Fremont County:  (719) 275-4465

Pueblo County:  (719) 543-8386

U.S. Forest Service

National USFS

San Isabel National Forest

San Carlos Ranger District (719) 269-8500

Local Partners

Custer County


Fremont County

Cañon City


Penrose Chamber of Commerce

Pueblo County

City of Pueblo

Pueblo West

State Partners

Colorado State University Extension

Custer County Extension:  (719) 783-2514

Fremont County Extension:  (719) 276-7390

Pueblo County Extension:  (719) 583-6566

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Lake Pueblo:  (719) 561-9320

State Burn Bans & Danger Information

Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Fire Bans & Danger (with interactive map)