The Cañon City Field Office works with federal, state and local agencies in Custer, Fremont and Pueblo counties.

U.S. Bureau of Land Management Colorado

Royal Gorge Field Office:  (719) 269-8500

Natural Resources Conservation Service Colorado

NRCS Custer County:  (719) 783-2481

NRCS Fremont County:  (719) 275-4465

NRCS Pueblo County:  (719) 543-8386

U.S. Forest Service – San Isabel National Forest

San Carlos Ranger District (719) 269-8500

Custer County


Fremont County

Cañon City


Penrose Chamber of Commerce

Pueblo County

City of Pueblo

Pueblo West

Colorado State University Extension

Custer County Extension:  (719) 783-2514

Fremont County Extension:  (719) 276-7390

Pueblo County Extension:  (719) 583-6566

Colorado Parks & Wildlife

Lake Pueblo:  (719) 561-9320

State Burn Bans & Danger Information – Colorado Division of Homeland Security & Emergency Management

Fire Bans & Danger (with interactive map)