Many Colorado businesses, nonprofit organizations, state and local governments, community groups and landowners are eligible to apply for federal and state grants and financial assistance. The Colorado Wood Utilization and Marketing Program can help with the process.

CoWood Grant Writing Support

Colorado Wood Utilization & Marketing Program staff are experienced in grant proposal preparation and can assist eligible applicants with finding and preparing grant proposals.

To date, CoWood has been awarded more than a dozen woody biomass utilization support grants with our partners and cooperators.

Awarded grants have funded:

  • Sawmill Recovery Studies
  • Product & Market Studies
  • Biomass Supply Plans
  • Job Retention & Creation Projects
  • Energy Applications
  • Educational Offerings, Conferences & Workshops

CoWood provides assistance at any level of involvement, including help with grant proposal preparation, proposal reviews and edits, or technical assistance throughout the entire grant application process.

Grant Writing Tips

  • Read the entire solicitation, including the source Federal Register announcement
  • Confirm your eligibility to apply
  • Request/obtain letters of support early in process
  • Identify the match requirement early in the grant preparation process
  • Allow a minimum of one day in preparation for every $10,000 requested
  • It is about what a grant sponsor wants you to do, not what you want to do. Remember to make the two match.

LTI Hosting Grant Funding Webinar for Forestry & Natural Resources Professionals

LTI’s Forestry and Natural Resources Funding Opportunities webinar is co-hosted by Kassie Carly, LTI Product Solutions Manager and Tim Reader, Colorado State Forest Service Utilization & Marketing Forester. Kassie and Tim share their experiences and expertise about where to look for grants and funding, how to apply, and ways to make your application stronger. The webinar covers key terms, such as the difference between a soft match and a hard match.