Proudly serving Jackson, Moffat and Routt counties

The Steamboat Springs District of the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) is one of 19 district and field offices located throughout Colorado. Our district hosts the Colorado State Forest field office in Walden.

The Steamboat Springs District office is currently staffed by five foresters, an inventory forester responsible for conducting the Forest Inventory and Analysis program in northwestern Colorado and an administrative assistant. Two of our foresters are responsible for forest management activities at the State Forest.

District Size

Square Miles: 8,719
Acres: 5,580,186

Land Ownership (acres)

Private: 2,240,177
Federal: 2,959,579
State & Local: 396,763

Forested vs Non-Forested Land (acres)

Forested: 2,224,694
Non-Forested: 3,355,493