Project Learning Tree (PLT) is the flagship program of Colorado State Forest Service for reaching younger audiences via workshops for PreK-12 educators.

The National Project Learning Tree® is an award winning, multi-disciplinary environmental education program for educators and students in PreK-12. PLT is one of the most widely used environmental education programs inside and outside the United States.

PLT in Colorado is a flagship program for reaching younger audiences via workshops for PreK-12th grade educators. Colorado natural resource educators helped create PLT in 1973, and the Colorado program has been coordinated by the Colorado State Forest Service since 1984, training 500-800 educators per year in workshops around the state. In turn, Colorado teachers reach approximately 15,000 students annually.

PLT staff development workshops are 3-16 hours long, typically cost $25-$35 and offer optional college credit. Workshops are active and content-rich, and incorporate reading, technology and differentiated-learning techniques. Activities demonstrate best practices in education methodology such as constructed, cooperative and facilitated learning.

GreenWorks! mini-grants for service learning projects also are available to PLT-trained educators.

Age-Based Activity Guides

Workshop participants receive one or more of the following activity guides for:

Additional appropriate materials are also available, including posters, videos, CDs, DVDs and other resources about Colorado’s trees, forests and environmental issues.

All activities have been correlated with national science, social studies and environmental education standards.

Project Learning Tree materials are continually revised to reflect changing trends in classroom and natural resources education. New resources include our Urban Forestry Connections, Earth & Sky Radio Connections and the PLT-BLM Fire Education Initiative.

The Branch Newsletter is published quarterly and contains a collection of PLT updates, environmental education news, educator tips, environmental education resources and feature articles.

Fifth Grade Colorado Tree Coalition (CTC) Poster Contest

Fifth-grade students may enter the Colorado Tree Coalition’s poster contest and win prizes!

For information about the contest, please visit the Colorado Tree Coalition. Project Learning Tree has allowed us to post two activities that teachers may use to help students gain knowledge and inspiration for the poster. You may download these activities: Three Cheers for Trees and A Forest of Many Uses.

To receive the entire PLT PreK-8th grade activity guidebook, you must attend a workshop.

Find and register for workshops at