2020 Report on the Health of Colorado's Forests2020 Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests

Protecting Our Future After a Historic Wildfire Year

Last year showed just how important our forests are. Coloradans escaped to the trees in and around their communities for tranquility, peace and a place to recreate and exercise.

Along with mental and physical health benefits, our forests provide clean air and water, habitat for Colorado’s charismatic wildlife, forest products that support local economies and much more. The 2020 wildfire season in Colorado placed these values in jeopardy. We must do more to protect them.

The 2020 Report on the Health of Colorado’s Forests offers analysis on the current health of forests in our state and what the Colorado State Forest Service, its partners and all of us must do to ensure that when wildfires occur again, they are not as severe or costly. That way, our forests will continue to provide these critical values for generations to come.

“Colorado’s forests face many challenges, which the wildfires of 2020 clearly illustrated. Our forests require investment to meet these challenges – only then will they continue to support us.”

Mike Lester, State Forester

Key Forest Takeaways

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Each year, forest health reports provide information to the Colorado General Assembly and the general public about the health and condition of forests across the state, including recent data, figures and maps.

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