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Alp Group LLC

Contact Brian Boettcher
Address 153 Gas Court
Rifle, CO 81650
Phone (970) 948-2563
County, Area Located in Garfield County, part of the CSFS Southwest Area
Product Categories Animal Bedding, Beams & Timbers, Blue Stain, Exterior Buildings, Firewood & Fuelwood, Flooring & Paneling, Furniture, Logs, Log Homes & House Logs, Lumber, Molding & Millwork, Posts Poles & Fencing, Siding & Decking, Specialty Products, Timber Frame
Company Profile We specialize in high quality log and timber installation and sales; structural and non-structural woods; furniture, log and timber trusses, stairways, hand rails and entry arches; and specialty item most others cannot create. We have the capacity to offer in-house specialty wood moulder and shaping.

Our equipment includes a short, self-loading log truck and trailer with grapple, dump and flat bed capacity for timber removal, delivery, and raw house and firewood logs. We also have in-house, small-scale mechanical logging equipment; hand- and horse-logging abilities; and in-house firewood processor with dump delivery trucks for homeowners In the Roaring Fork Valley area.


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