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Bouillez Acoustics

Contact Dan Bouillez
Address 126 Lori Dr.
Loveland, CO 80537
Phone (970) 231-8776
County, Area Located in Larimer County, part of the CSFS Northeast Area
Product Categories Furniture, Specialty Products
Company Profile The standard acoustic guitar has not changed in over 90 years with the exception of the materials used and subtle construction changes to improve sound. Hence the term "standard acoustic guitar." Bouillez Acoustics would like to change that. We are a developing company in Loveland, Colo. that is currently in the R&D stages of a new type of acoustic instrument. Similar in shape, but very different than today's acoustic guitar, the Bouillez boasts a totally new way to generate acoustic sound through the unique design and construction of its soundboard.

We are not accepting orders for the Bouillez yet, but we anticipate starting production within the next 6 to 12 months. If you are interested in following the progress, please "Like" us at We post frequent updates on our page including our progress, photos, videos and music. The Bouillez is patent-pending and will be certain to add a new sound to many music genres. Aside from this unique new instrument, the very first built Beta instrument has turned into a work of art, both in appearance and sound. It was constructed out of blue-stained beetle kill purchased from a local lumber yard, Morgan Timber Co. in north Fort Collins. The blue-stained wood turned out to be simply beautiful after the instrument was completed. Today, we are working on our start-up business with high hopes of developing a local company that becomes a green manufacturer of blue-stained instruments.

Though pine of any kind is not typically a desirable material for acoustic instruments, we would like to change that by using our local natural resources from right here in Colorado. So much material has become available because of the devastation in our forests from the pine beetle infestation. As avid campers ourselves we would like to do our part by producing many of our instruments with this otherwise non desirable material.

If you are interested in contacting us about the Bouillez, please do. We'd like to hear from you. We hope to start manufacturing and selling them very soon.

Although the Bouillez is in process and has much more work to be done, custom log furniture is another product we intend to produce with this wonderful blue-stained wood.

With personal log furniture projects completed, it would be a big help to our forests to produce furniture for those that can appreciate our natural resources and the beauty of this wood. We are accepting limited orders for custom blue-stained log furniture. We would be happy to talk with you about the custom piece you are looking for. Please feel free to contact us for more information and to discuss your needs. We can work with you on the design. No factory furniture sold here and we do not stock inventory so please call us and tell us what your looking for.

Thank you for your interest in us and we look forward to helping our forests and supporting our local economy. Be a part of the restoration and protection of our Colorado forests. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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