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Cascade Sawmill

Contact Derek James Farley
Address 765 Calle Entrada
Fountain, CO 80817
Phone (915) 491-8405
County, Area Located in El Paso County, part of the CSFS Southeast Area
Product Categories Animal Bedding, Beams & Timbers, Blue Stain, Exterior Buildings, Logs, Log Homes & House Logs, Lumber, Molding & Millwork, Siding & Decking, Specialty Products, Wood Chips, Wood Mulch
Company Profile Cascade Sawmill is dedicated to Colorado's agricultural forest land and private landowners for the purpose of using dead trees for the job titles listed below. The timber used from Colorado forest and private landowners will boost Colorado's economy and help prevent against future forest fires.The timber will be resold cheaper than home improvement outlets because of the Colorado Forest Products Program and dedicated, responsible landowners.

Job Titles
Rough cutting/milling lumber, kitchen tables, rustic barn doors, decorative interior doors, kitchen countertops, fire displays/mantels, shelves, log picnic tables, log pergolas, dog houses, dog bed wood-chips/shavings, lap siding for homes/barns/garages/shops/pole barns/sheds, landscaping timber ties, landscaping raised garden beds, planting tree seedlings, fencing material, decking and free tree services.

My business is a Limited Liability Company that is fully licensed and insured in the state of Colorado. I am fully qualified to operate the equipment for milling and cutting down timber of all different shapes and sizes. I am also qualified on the agricultural and environmental aspects of forestry.

The sawmill is capable of milling timber up to 13-feet long, 35-inches tall and 28-inches wide. The sawmill uses a band-saw blade to make the finest cuts. This makes the lumber yield convenient for the customer because I am able to save 99.7% of the timber cut. In an eight-hour day, the sawmill is capable of cutting up to 3,400 board feet. This makes it efficient and cost-effective for the customer compared to buying lumber from a home improvement store. The sawmill is also mobile, capable of cutting lap siding for houses, barns, roofs, storage sheds and garages.

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PH (915) 491-8405


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