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Dinero Mining Properties LLC

Contact Tom Baudat
Leadville, CO 
Phone (719) 783-4250
County, Area Located in Lake County, part of the CSFS Southwest Area
Product Categories Firewood & Fuelwood, Logs, Posts Poles & Fencing
Company Profile Dinero Mining Properties LLC owns 800 acres of forest land in Lake County, Colo. We provide timber sale opportunities from June-October each year for small to large (5 cord to 500 cord or more) purchases of posts, poles and saw timber of lodgepole pine. Sales are tailored to your product needs and are managed by Lankford Foresters Inc. Prices are negotiable - make a proposal!

See our listing under "firewood to cut" and "firewood prices and areas" on We have standing trees, as well as pre-cut poles and logs in lengths ready to buck and load. Call Len Lankford, forester, at (719) 783-4250 for more information.


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