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Foxfire Fuelwood Inc.

Contact Don Read
Address PO Box 881005
Steamboat Springs, CO 80488
Phone (970) 736-2745
County, Area Located in Routt County, part of the CSFS Northwest Area
Product Categories Blue Stain, Holiday Trees & Transplants, Logs, Posts Poles & Fencing
Company Profile Forestry management, applying Firewise principles in creating a survivable landscape in the event of a wildfire. Providing access and defensible space for emergency incident responders. Fuel treatments including tree thinning, pruning and chipping. Fuel break construction.

Recent category 1 hotshot foreman with 15 years of experience.

We offer biomass fuel in properly processed, aged and measured fuelwood cords and bundles from lodgepole pine, aspen and pinion. Fence posts and rails, sawlogs and seasonal Christmas trees. Hand-crafted and natural wood material suitable for furniture making.


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