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Greenleaf Forestry and Wood Products Inc.

Address 1500 Rosita Rd.
Westcliffe, CO 81252
Phone (719) 783-4250
County, Area Located in Custer County, part of the CSFS Southeast Area
Product Categories Animal Bedding, Beams & Timbers, Blue Stain, Exterior Buildings, Firewood & Fuelwood, Flooring & Paneling, Furniture, Log Homes & House Logs, Lumber, Molding & Millwork, Posts Poles & Fencing, Siding & Decking, Specialty Products, Timber Frame, Wood Chips, Wood Mulch
Company Profile Rough-cut lumber and beams up to 24 feet, rustic log siding, D-log houselogs, plank flooring and paneling, etc. Planing and air drying of species locally harvested for forest care projects such as ponderosa and beetle-kill, blue-stain pine; Englemann spruce; Douglas-fir; aspen; white fir; and others. Pole truss components and pavilion assemblies, as well as hand- and machine-peeled logs for fencing, vigas/ beams, porch posts, railing systems and decorative logs.

Furniture including blanket boxes, benches, coffee tables, picnic tables and caskets. Pole peeler chips for specialty landscape mulch and coarse sawdust for animal bedding. Cabins and sheds available as materials packages, panelized kits or fully assembled.


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