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Natural Building Innovations LLC

Contact Ben Lokie
Address 300 W. Gothic Ave.
Gunnison, CO 81230
Phone (970) 209-7906
County, Area Located in County, part of the CSFS Southwest Area
Product Categories Animal Bedding, Art & Novelties, Beams & Timbers, Blue Stain, Cabinets, Doors & Windows, Compost, Flooring & Paneling, Furniture, Logs, Lumber, Molding & Millwork, Siding & Decking, Specialty Products, Timber Frame, Wood Chips, Wood Mulch
Company Profile Natural Building Innovations (NBI) integrates Colorado's forest health with economic resilience and environmental education. By working with local, state and national forestry organizations, NBI recovers, processes and recirculates wood products back into the local economy, ensuring that all of our products sold, or used on projects, can be traced back to a best-practices forest management project.

Additionally, forest ecology and natural building workshops are provided throughout this process to encourage awareness of the overlap between forest health and building material supply chains.


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