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Ranch Creek Ltd.

Contact Daniel Jolovich
Address 441 Highway 125
Granby, CO 80446
Phone (970) 887-9225
County, Area Located in Grand County, part of the CSFS Northwest Area
Product Categories Animal Bedding, Beams & Timbers, Blue Stain, Firewood & Fuelwood, Logs, Log Homes & House Logs, Lumber, Posts Poles & Fencing, Wood Chips
Company Profile Ranch Creek Ltd. has consumed mostly small low-value round wood from state, private and federal lands for 25 years. It has provided year-round employment for more than 20 people.

Revenues generated from our activities are spent exclusively in Grand County and Colorado. The range of products made are sold along the Front Range into Kansas, Nebraska, the Dakotas and as far east as Wisconsin. We have recently expanded markets westward into California.

Ranch Creek has been at the tip of the spear in the struggle with pine beetle in recent years.


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