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Running-rabbit Fine Art in Home Building Inc.

Contact Leaf Running-rabbit
Address 174 Spring Gulch Rd.
Ward, CO 80481
Phone (303) 229-7202
County, Area Located in Boulder County, part of the CSFS Northeast Area
Product Categories Beams & Timbers, Blue Stain, Compost, Shavings, Timber Frame, Wood Chips, Wood Mulch
Company Profile Specializes in timber-frame/post-and-beam straw bale homes; is a commercial compost facility, selling compost and compost tea; operates a red worm farm for worm and casings sales; is a mill operator for all types of locally milled lumber products; produces pine shavings, chips and mulch; and is a local log source from 4-Mile Fire burn area and local beetle kill.

All products sourced in Colorado.


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