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Windhorse Botanicals LLP

Contact Peter May and Frederick Dunets
Address P.O. Box 686
Crestone, CO 81131
Phone (719) 256-4898
County, Area Located in Saguache County, part of the CSFS Southwest Area
Product Categories Specialty Products
Company Profile Alchemical combinations of essential oils from juniper, ponderosa and pinion pine for liquid refreshers and pain-release topical liniments, including Clear, Cloudless Sky Legendary Refresher; Clean Mind Legendary Refresher; Dreamcatcher Legendary Refresher; High Desert Rain Legendary Refresher; Pinyon Gold Legendary Refresher; Clear, Cloudless Sky Star Drops; Clear Mind Star Drops; Clear Mind Star Drops; Dreamcatcher Star Drops; Juniper Star Drops; and Pinyon Star Drops.


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