The state of Colorado values healthy, resilient forest landscapes and is willing to invest state funds in the stewardship of these resources.

HB 1032Continue Forest Restoration ProgramThe bill continues the Forest Restoration Program and its associated funding from severance taxes for 5 years and specifies that the program is no longer a pilot program. The bill also extends for 5 years annual transfers of $1.45 million from the operational account of the severance tax trust fund to the healthy forests and vibrant communities fund, and $50,000 to the wildland-urban interface training fund.
HB 1045Tax Exemption From Beetle Killed TreesWood wholesalers must certify on a Department of Revenue form that a product is lawfully harvested in Colorado from a salvaged tree killed or infested by spruce beetles. The sales tax exemption for these timber products is in effect from July 1, 2012, to July 1, 2020. The bill also extends until July 1, 2020, the sales and use tax exemption for the sale, storage and use of wood from salvaged trees killed or infested in Colorado by mountain pine beetles.
HB 1283Department of Public Safety, Renaming, Reorganizing Certain EntitiesThis bill consolidates homeland security functions of Colorado into the Department of Public Safety (DPS); it also transfers wildfire command and control responsibilities from the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) to the DPS.
HB 1285Intergovernmental Cooperative Wildland Fire MitigationThis bill modifies statutory requirements regarding intergovernmental cooperation for wildland fire mitigation where a municipality owns land inside a county for utility purposes.
HB 1352State Commission to Address the Lower North Fork WildfireThis bill creates a commission to study the causes of the Lower North Fork Wildfire and to develop recommendations for preventing similar events from happening again. The commission will consist of five people: Two from the House, two from the Senate and the executive director from the Department of Public Safety. Their report is due by year's end.
HB 1361Concerning Claims Arising under "the Colorado Governmental Immunity Act"This bill eliminates the state's immunity from damages sustained by citizens due to prescribed fire. It also lifts the $600,000 per event/$150,000 per person cap, and specifies how citizens who sustained damages can receive additional compensation beyond specified limits.
SR 003Management for Healthy Forest Ecosystems and the Use of Colorado Forest BiomassThis bill requests the Colorado State Forest Service, the Colorado Economic Development Commission, the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and the Governor's Energy Office to work towards promoting and/or developing opportunities for sustainable forest management that can support a forest energy industry.