Forest Agriculture

In 1990, the Colorado legislature enacted House Bill 1229 allowing certain forest lands similar tax valuation as that of traditional agricultural lands. The Fort Collins Field Office has 79 properties totaling 7,200 acres in the Forest Ag program.

healthy forest

To qualify for this program the landowner must:

  1. Own at least 40 forested acres
  2. Have a forest management plan that meets CSFS Management Plan Outline for Forest Agriculture Classification standards
  3. Submit a completed and signed forest management plan, a completed Forest Agriculture Inspection Request and appropriate fees to the local CSFS Field Office by Oct. 1 to be considered for the following tax year
  4. Manage their land according to the approved Forest Management Plan and Annual Work Plan to produce tangible wood products for the primary purpose of obtaining a monetary profit

Please contact us for additional information or view the CSFS Forest Ag Brochure (215 KB PDF).