The Colorado State Forest Service seedling tree program enables farmers, ranchers and rural landowners to buy seedling trees at a nominal cost.

Fort Morgan tree deliveryThe program is designed to encourage landowners to establish effective effective windbreaks that reduce erosion, grow living snow fences that protect roadways and livestock, enhance wildlife habitat and meet other conservation goals. Trees sold through the program are for conservation purposes only.

Order forms are available in mid-November with tree delivery during April. Tree ordering and delivery is done through local conservation district or extension offices.

If your property is in Adams, Kit Carson, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington or Yuma county, contact a local conservation district or extension office for ordering assistance.

Adams County

Kit Carson County

  • Burlington Conservation District: (719) 346-7699 Ext 104
  • Flagler Conservation District: (719) 765-4676

Logan County

Morgan County

Phillips County

  • Haxtun Conservation District: (970) 854-2812 Ext 110

Sedgwick County

Washington County

  • Washington County Conservation District: (970) 345-2006 Ext 105
  • Cope Conservation District: (970) 345-2006 Ext 101

Yuma County

CSFS staff also are available to assist you with questions you have about the program or help you with selecting the right trees for your property. Call our Fort Morgan Field Office at (970) 867-5610 and we will be happy to answer your questions.

For more information about the CSFS seedling tree program, please visit the CSFS Nursery.