Important updates regarding placing orders

We have made a few changes in our policies and procedures here at the Nursery and with our cooperators.

The Nursery will no longer be accepting pre-orders for plants to be picked up directly from our facility in Fort Collins. Customers wishing to pre-order may order through a cooperating agency as early as Nov. 1. For those who have previously picked up plants here at the nursery, the West Greeley Conservation District is likely the nearest option. They can be reached by calling 970-356-8097, Ext. 142. For a full list of cooperating agencies please check our Find a Cooperator page or contact the nursery office and we can direct you to the nearest cooperating office.

Alternately, customers may order directly from the nursery beginning Jan. 1, however orders placed directly with the nursery will need to be shipped via UPS. Opportunities to order direct from the nursery, and to pick up here at our facility, will exist beginning late spring and running through the planting season. However, to take advantage of the best selection of species, sizes and available quantities, customers are advised to take advantage of the pre-ordering options listed above.

This decision was made largely due to the fact that we are set up more as a wholesale grower than as a retail outlet. The decision to close our doors to the public for picking up plants was not an easy decision to make. However, as a self-funded entity we have had to balance the ever-increasing costs of doing business with our love of directly interacting with customers. In the end we felt it better to focus our limited staff on the task of producing a greater volume of plants of greater quality as an alternative to increasing prices.

We understand that getting used to this change will take time but it will also allow us to focus more on our core values and mission of growing trees for conservation purposes. We thank you for your understanding, and for your continued patronage.

Pick up from a Cooperating Agency in your County

Cooperating agencies may begin placing orders on Nov. 1.

In Colorado

If you would like to pick up your seedling trees locally, please click the button below to find a cooperator in your area on our map of Colorado.

Outside Colorado


For Wyoming residents, please refer to this map for cooperating agency information
The “map” link will redirect to


For Nebraska residents, please refer to this map for cooperating agency information
The “map” link will redirect to

Pre-order plants for UPS shipment in Spring

If you would like pre-order plants to be shipped to you in the spring, the Nursery will begin accepting orders on Jan. 1, 2020, and the order form will be available at that time.

If you have questions about the ordering process, please contact the nursery at