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Through an extensive planning process, the Colorado State Forest Service identified several strategic priorities: healthy, diverse and sustainable forest conditions; communication, outreach, education and policy; critical agency relationships; foundations for effective program delivery; and organizational environment.

A Colorado Forest in Autumn

Healthy, Diverse & Sustainable Forest Conditions

Ensure healthy, diverse and sustainable forest conditions on a meaningful scale throughout Colorado by providing technical forestry assistance and forestry and wildfire prevention and mitigation education to individuals, landowners, partners and other groups.

Communication, Outreach, Education & Policy

Address the growing public demand for information and promote informed decision-making on natural resource issues by positioning the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) as a recognized point-of-contact for Colorado on credible forestry and wildland fire prevention and mitigation education, expertise and technical assistance.

Critical Agency Relationships

Enable the CSFS to foster and/or maintain credibility and thrive in a changing administrative and political environment through increased emphasis on building and maintaining relationships with the Governor’s Office, Colorado State University, the Colorado Department of Natural Resources and other key local, state and federal partners, and by meeting the needs of those partners through quality service.

Foundations for Effective Program Delivery

Maintain an effective foundation of administrative, planning and development functions that provides the agency with the resources, direction and support needed to remain focused on strategic priorities and to deliver the services and programs essential to Colorado.

Organizational Environment

Cultivate and sustain an organizational environment that promotes the development and retention of core skills needed to achieve strategic priorities and delivery of programs; that recognizes and values employees’ critical role in agency accomplishment; and that allows employees to meet their full potential in providing excellent public service.

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