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Three New Projects to Protect Water Supplies for Over a Million Coloradans

January 19, 2023

It is crucial for Colorado to protect its forested watersheds from the ever-present threat of wildfire to ensure residents and communities have water for drinking, agriculture and other uses. The Colorado Legislature recognizes this need and passed House Bill 22-1379 during the 2022 legislative session to fund projects that reduce wildfire fuels around high-priority watersheds and water infrastructure.

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Elected Leaders & Partners Tour the CSFS Nursery

January 09, 2023

In 2022 the Colorado Legislature passed House Bill 22-1323 that dedicated $5 million to fund improvements to the nursery. During the tour, Nursery Manager Scott Godwin showed the lawmakers and partners around the nursery grounds. He described the progress made with the funding, next steps and future opportunities for success and expansion.

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