The Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (CO-WRAP) is a web-mapping tool that provides access to statewide wildfire risk assessment information in Colorado.

Colorado wildfire risk assessment portal screenshotIn this way, CO-WRAP can help inform community leaders, professional planners and interested citizens in determining wildfire risk and where forest management actions can be implemented to reduce that risk.

CO-WRAP is the primary tool for the CSFS to display risk information from the Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment and create awareness about wildfire issues across the state. The goal of CO-WRAP is to provide a consistent, comparable set of scientific results to be used as a foundation for wildfire mitigation and prevention planning in Colorado.

Through CO-WRAP, fire mitigation professionals, prevention planners, natural resource professionals and interested citizens can generate maps and download data and reports that describe defined project areas, such as neighborhoods or watersheds.

The information in the web portal is based on geographic information system (GIS) data layers that allow users to view such themes as likelihood of an acre burning, potential fire intensity, historic fire occurrence and values at risk from wildfire.