Residential Sprinkler Systems

A fire occurs in one out of 10 American homes every year. In wildland areas, the fire from the home may spread into the wildland. Residential fire sprinkler systems are a great asset to homeowners in the wildland-urban interface.

Smoke Detectors

Lives can be saved when smoke detectors are properly installed and maintained. Most areas require smoke detector installation for new structures.

Portable Fire Extinguishers

Portable fire extinguishers are your best defense against a small fire. Fire extinguishers for home use are not intended to fight large or spreading fires.

Plan Your Escape!

Smoke alarms can cut your risk of dying in a home fire nearly in half, but you have to know what to do when they go off.

Learn more about interior safety (123 KB PDF). You may also wish to review the fact sheet:

Forest Home Fire Safety (349 KB PDF)