The Fire Ecology Institute for Educators is a weeklong, rigorous training institute for teachers and natural resource education professionals that explores fire and forest ecology.

2013 Fire Ecology Institute participants

Since 2001, the CSFS has held a Fire Ecology Institute (FEI) each summer in various regions of the state. This weeklong, intensive training institute for teachers and natural resource education professionals has become a model for other states.

Summer 2015 FEI

June 7-12, 2015 – Canceled
Fort Lewis College
Durango, Colo.

July 6-11, 2015
The Nature Place
Florissant, Colo.

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Shawna Crocker
Colorado Project Learning Tree Coordinator

The Fire Ecology Institute for Educators is a rigorous exploration of fire and forest ecology that is guaranteed to spark your interest in Colorado’s hot topics and burning issues of fire science, fire mitigation, fire suppression, fire ecology and forest restoration. Fourth through 12th grade educators take away a fire cache full of smoldering ideas, hands-on experiences, strategies, tools and materials for bringing the fire story back to their schools and communities.

Natural resource scientists, educators and firefighters provide exciting, practical and critical information about the interrelationships affecting forest health including insects, drought and wildfire. Activities and content are correlated with state education standards, and are current and relevant.

What FEI Participants Had to Say

Educator tools

“A fire has been started! Yes, it’s true. As a result of this Fire Ecology Institute, a new fire has begun. It may be just a few scattered embers right now, but these will slowly spread until a blowup occurs in mid-August when a new school year begins. The embers are smoldering right now as I go through all the wonderful materials and plan how to fit quite a bit of fire ecology into the curriculum I teach to my fourth grade students. This week has been a fabulous experience for me for several reasons. The setting, instructors, and my fellow students have been the best! (That always enhances the experience!) I love learning, especially when it fits so well with my fourth grade curriculum. On top of this, it has been interesting and is knowledge I can use and share with friends and family.”

“Learning how to integrate fire into lessons occurred both from experiencing integrated lessons in our class and from hearing ideas shared in class; I now have a jumpstart that will help me use this info as I teach. Another enormous help has been the opportunity to become familiar with many resources such as FireWorks, videos, CDs, PLT activities, websites, Fire Boxes, books, community, state, and federal resources, and of course, the network of students and staff here at the institute. Wow! That’s so great! I hope this institute can continue each year; I have already recommended it to several teachers.”

For information about the next Fire Ecology Institute for Educators, contact Shawna Crocker at or (303) 278-8822.