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The Colorado Forest Atlas is a website that serves as a one-stop shop for the Colorado State Forest Service, the public and partners to access statewide geospatial data and information related to forestry and natural resources. Applications in the Colorado Forest Atlas can be used as decision support tools for developing new projects, writing forestry plans, assessing wildfire risk to communities, evaluating forest conditions and more. These applications will be updated on a regular basis using the best available science and data.

Currently, the Colorado Forest Atlas hosts three applications – the Wildfire Risk Viewer (Public Viewer), Wildfire Risk Reduction Planner (Professional Viewer) and Forest Action Plan 2020. The data and information in the Wildfire Risk Viewer and Wildfire Risk Reduction Planner were derived from the 2017 Colorado Wildfire Risk Assessment.

Colorado Forest Atlas

Wildfire Risk Viewer

  • Provides a simple-to-use tool that allows users to explore wildfire risk
  • Quickly generates maps and wildfire risk ratings for specific locations

Wildfire Risk Reduction Planner

  • Tailored for use by professional planners, natural resource agencies and researchers
  • Requires an account (free)
  • Generates maps and detailed risk summary reports that include:
    • Risk statistics for defined project areas
    • Maps, charts, tables, photos and text that describe project areas
    • Additional layers not available in the Wildfire Risk Viewer
  • Can be used to download GIS data

Forest Action Plan 2020

New applications for the Colorado Forest Atlas are in development.

Please visit the Support Page of the Colorado Forest Atlas to access user manuals and reports for the applications, and to contact the Help Desk.

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Map powered by the Colorado Forest Atlas from the Colorado State Forest Service