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Report: Ongoing Drought Leaves Colorado's Forests Vulnerable to Pests, Other Health Issues
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woman wearing hard hat and safety vest stands next to a large log pile.

CSFS Celebrates Women’s History Month

Forestry remains a male-dominated field. According to data from the 2020 US Census, women make up just 15.3% of forest and conservation workers. But the CSFS employs talented, knowledgeable and passionate women across Colorado. They work hard to protect the trees and forests across the state.

aerial view of an alpine forested landscape

Partners Improve Forest Health Across Boundaries

Large-landscape projects in areas with multiple partners and stakeholders can be complicated. Learn how the Franktown Field Office’s leadership and collaboration with partners will result in treatment of approximately 700 acres, resulting in a substantially lower risk of wildfire for a rural community.

State of the State: A Bristlecone’s 15 Seconds of Fame

It’s not often a specific tree makes it into a governor’s speech. So, we’ll go out on a limb and say what happened last week at the capitol was an honor 2,500 years in the making. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is known for delivering state addresses laced with trivia and pop culture references and, during his fifth State of the State address, he made a shout out to the oldest member of one of Colorado’s more unique tree species — the gnarly bristlecone pine.

Science & Data Bytes

forest of tall coniferous trees.

Carbon in Colorado Forests

Gaining a better understanding of the complexities of carbon can help inform management strategies, identify priority areas, and promote climate mitigation and adaptation.

large piles of logs at different stages of logging in a vast mountain valley.

Accessible Timber Volume, 2010-2019

The Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) program of the USDA Forest Service, in collaboration with the Colorado State Forest Service, conducts and continuously updates an inventory across all forested lands in Colorado and Wyoming. Certified, highly trained foresters and research associates survey hundreds of permanent research plots annually, measuring 10 percent of the forested plots each year.

Insect galleries under the bark of a spruce tree.

Disturbances in Colorado’s Forests

The forests in Colorado are subject to many different disturbances. Some of the most common disturbances are insect damage, disease damage and fire damage.