Five-Year Strategic Plan Outlines CSFS Goals

The strategic plan outlines the vision, mission and strategic goals of the CSFS through 2020 and is designed to be a guiding document for the agency.

Colorado's Forests in a Changing Climate

Colorado’s climate, like that of the rest of the planet, is undergoing significant change. As a result, changes to forest environments are occurring.

EAB: A Serious Threat to Community Trees

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is a destructive, non-native insect that poses an emerging and serious threat to Colorado’s urban and community forests.

Help Restore Forests Impacted by Fire, Flood

Colorado Forest Restoration Fund

The Restoring Colorado’s Forests Fund provides tree seedlings for planting on lands severely impacted by wildfire or other disasters, targeting areas critical to water protection and wildlife habitat.

Colorado State Forest Service Newsletters

From urban forests to the deep woods, CSFS e-newsletters traverse the dynamic landscape of Colorado's forests.

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