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The landscape of Colorado showcases the diversity of the Great Plains, the majestic Rocky Mountains and the high deserts of the western slope.


Englemann Spruce in a Mixed Conifer Stand

Colorado’s forests provide homes for many wildlife species, improve water quality, filter pollutants from water and air, enhance outdoor experiences, provide wood products, and supply jobs in local economies.


Riparian forest, Chacuaco Creek

Colorado’s plains are a unique grassland prairie ecosystem and include riparian forests along river corridors, agroforestry windbreaks, recreational area plantings, and community forests in cities and towns.


A tree planting on the CSU campus

The act of planting a tree benefits current and future generations. Trees are planted for many conservation purposes, including windbreaks and living snow fences, wildlife habitat and forest restoration.

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Map powered by the Colorado Forest Atlas from the Colorado State Forest Service