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Grant Programs

The Colorado State Forest Service helps community groups, nonprofits and others secure grants and assistance for projects that promote healthy forests and wildfire mitigation in Colorado. Projects that benefit only one landowner do not qualify for these state-funded grant programs.

Forest Restoration & Wildfire Risk Mitigation grants reduce the risk of wildfire to people, property and infrastructure and promote forest health and restoration.

Wildfire Mitigation Incentives for Local Government grants match revenue raised by local governments for forest management and fuels reduction or expand existing programs.

Wildfire Mitigation Resources & Best Practices grants support outreach among landowners in high wildfire hazard areas.

Grants Database

The Colorado State Forest Service maintains a database of grants offered by state, federal, private and other organizations that fund projects that promote the health of Colorado’s natural resources. The database is free to use.

Programs for Private Landowners

The Colorado State Forest Service offers a variety of programs to assist landowners in managing their forested property. The CSFS is committed to helping landowners promote healthy and sustainable forest conditions by providing technical and financial assistance through these programs.

Mitigation Income Tax Subtraction

Colorado landowners with property located in a wildland-urban interface (WUI) area may qualify to receive a tax subtraction for the costs of wildfire mitigation work.

  • The taxpayer must own the property upon which the wildfire mitigation measures are performed.
  • The property must be located in Colorado and within a wildland-urban interface area.
  • The total amount of the subtraction cannot exceed 50% of the landowner’s out-of-pocket expenses, $2,500 or the owner’s federal taxable income, whichever is less.
  • The deduction is available through tax year 2025.