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From wildlife to insects to fungi, there are many organisms that pose potential threats to the health of an aspen tree.

An aspen stand in Pitkin County Colorado

Keeping Your Aspen Healthy

  • Maintain a proper watering schedule – aspen will suffer if over- or under-watered.
  • Prevent direct sprinkling of leaves by lawn watering systems.
  • Unwanted aspen sprouts that appear in the lawn may be mowed. DO NOT spray the sprouts, as they are connected to the mother tree.
  • Avoid wounding the main trunk with movers or weed wackers.
  • Trim out cankers that are less than half the circumference of the aspen.
  • Clean up heavy scale-insect infestations.

What’s Ailing Your Aspen? Poster (935 KB PDF)

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Map powered by the Colorado Forest Atlas from the Colorado State Forest Service