The state of Colorado values healthy, resilient forest landscapes and is willing to invest state funds in the stewardship of these resources.

HB19-1006Wildfire Mitigation Wildland-urban InterfaceThe bill makes a $1 million appropriation to increase the amount of funding going into the CSFS Forest Restoration and Wildfire Risk Mitigation (FRWRM) grant program for the 2019-2020 state fiscal year.
HB19-1047Metropolitan District Fire Protection Sales TaxThe bill allows metropolitan districts to levy a sales tax for providing fire protection in the areas of the district in which the tax is levied.
HB19-1188Greenhouse Gas Pollution Impact in Fiscal NotesBeginning in 2020, the bill requires fiscal notes on legislative measures to include an assessment of whether the measure is likely to directly cause a net increase or decrease in greenhouse gas pollution in the 10-year period following its enactment.

The assessment must consider new sources of emissions, increases or decreases in existing sources of emissions, and any impact on sequestration of emissions. The fiscal note is not required to estimate the magnitude of the impact.

The Director of Research of the Legislative Council Staff is required to develop policies and procedures for completing the assessment.
HB19-1264Conservation Easement Tax Credit ModificationsThe statutes establishing the Conservation Easement Oversight Commission and the program to certify conservation easement holders in the Division of Conservation were set to repeal on July 1, 2019. The bill extends the repeal dates for each to July 1, 2026.

In addition, the bill:

  • Eliminates requirements for board of real estate appraisers;
  • Makes changes to the Income tax credit for the donation of a conservation easement;
  • Identifies an acceptable alternative valuation method;
  • Modifies provisions regarding a conservation easement working group;
  • Requires the owner of property who is getting a conservation easement to execute disclosure form;
  • Makes an appropriation to Colorado State University to facilitate public access to the Colorado ownership, management, and protection (COMaP) service.

SB19-016Severance Tax Operational Fund Distribution MethodologyThe bill changes the distribution of the money in the severance tax operational fund as follows:

The bill changes the distribution of the money in the severance tax operational fund as follows:

  • Separates the reserve into the core reserve and the grant program reserve, while maintaining the overall purpose of each reserve;
  • Increases the maximum grant program reserve to 100% of the maximum transfers to the natural resources and energy grant programs required by law, which currently is equal to $36,378,072;
  • Requires the state treasurer to make the transfers to the natural resources and energy grant programs on August 15 after a fiscal year and to base the transfers on actual revenue as opposed to estimated revenue. Money from the grant program reserve may be used for these transfers; and
  • If all of the appropriations and transfers from have been made and both reserves are full, then the state treasurer is required to transfer any money remaining in the operational fund to the severance tax perpetual base fund.

SB19-020Wildland Fire Airspace Patrol SystemThe bill requires the Center of Excellence for Advanced Technology Aerial Firefighting, subject to available appropriations, to study and, if feasible, implement a system to patrol the airspace above a wildland fire.
SB19-040Establish Colorado Fire CommissionThe bill creates within the Division of Fire Prevention and Control in the Department of Public Safety, the Colorado Fire Commission (commission).

The commission's purpose is to enhance public safety in Colorado through an integrated statewide process focused on the fire service's capacity to conduct fire management and use, preparedness, prevention, and response activities to safeguard lives, property, and natural resources, and increase the resiliency of local and regional communities.