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CSFS Strategic PlanThe Colorado State Forest Service’s strategic plan outlines the vision, mission and strategic goals of the CSFS. The plan is derived from the CSFS and its key partners, and supports the agency moving cohesively toward its strategic goals and vision of “healthy and resilient forests.”

The Colorado State Forest Service Five-Year Strategic Plan: 2021-2025 is a guiding document that provides clear direction at a high level. Along with the 2020 Colorado Forest Action Plan, the strategic plan will help guide forest management decisions and programs at the CSFS through 2025.

Every year, the CSFS improves the health of forests on thousands of acres of land in Colorado to ensure that the many benefits our forests provide continue for generations to come. CSFS foresters, natural resource professionals and others at the agency serve residents and communities in all corners of the state. Through their important work, the CSFS will continue to achieve the goals in its strategic plan and foster healthy, resilient forests in Colorado.

Vision, Mission and Strategic Goals

VISION: Healthy and resilient forests

MISSION: To achieve stewardship of Colorado’s diverse forest environments for the benefit of present and future generations


  • Share our excellence in forestry as Colorado’s go-to agency for applying research and best management practices on the ground
  • Maintain and enhance forestry and wildfire risk reduction expertise through professional development, field experience and application of current research
  • Collaborate proactively with partners on research
  • Serve as the primary source of data and information for forestry planning and implementation in Colorado
  • Inform state and local leaders on the health and management of Colorado’s forests


  • Foster resilient, healthy, functioning forests in mountain, riparian and urban landscapes
  • Provide opportunities to help Coloradans understand the benefits healthy forests provide
  • Promote a strong network within the forest products industry that supports cost-effective land management needs
  • Deliver outreach and focused programs with measurable, effective results
  • Engage collaboratives, communities and landowners in taking technically sound, scientifically based action to improve long-term forest health and resilience
  • Utilize the 2020 Colorado Forest Action Plan to evaluate priority forested landscapes and promote strategic planning
  • Monitor forest health and treatments on a cyclical basis to guide adaptive management


  • Identify and enhance mutually beneficial, strategic partnerships that further the Colorado State Forest Service’s mission
  • Collaborate with partners, landowners and stakeholders to achieve common goals and utilize and leverage resources
  • Promote shared stewardship through improved communication and coordination with partners and stakeholders across property boundaries in Colorado and neighboring states


  • Increase visibility and recognition of the Colorado State Forest Service and its services to foster an informed, supportive, diverse constituency and promote healthy forests
  • Advance people’s understanding of their relationship with Colorado’s forests and the benefits of sound forest management
  • Provide forestry leadership at all levels as we represent the agency
  • Strive to engage and serve all Coloradans


  • Create a supportive, cohesive and welcoming work environment where innovative employees work together, think creatively and are challenged, empowered, recognized and rewarded
  • Offer competitive salaries and promote retention, longevity and professional development
  • Require engaged, transparent leadership that provides a clear direction, advocates for the agency and seeks stable, diverse, sustainable funding sources
  • Cultivate a diverse workforce that allows the CSFS to better serve all Coloradans
  • Develop more consistent and efficient internal communications
  • Foster an equitable and inclusive culture, based on CSU’s Principles of Community, where all employees feel respected and valued

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