November 2015 – The Colorado State Forest Service released a five-year strategic plan that outlines the vision, mission and strategic goals of the CSFS through 2020. The plan replaces the previous agency strategic plan, produced in 2010.

The Colorado State Forest Service Five-Year Strategic Plan: 2016-2020 is derived from the collective voice of the CSFS and its external partners, and supports the agency moving cohesively toward the same overarching strategic goals and vision of “healthy and resilient forests.”

“We expect this plan to grow and change with our agency over time, as we meet important goals or otherwise modify them to adapt to a changing environment.”

Mike Lester, State Forester and Director
Colorado State Forest Service

The plan is designed to be a guiding document that provides clear direction at a high level, which is easy to understand and used regularly internally and externally. Along with annual Reports on the Health of Colorado’s Forests, the plan will help guide forest management decisions and programs over the next five years.

Every year, the CSFS helps treat thousands of acres of forestland, assisting landowners and communities to help improve forest health and ensure related benefits to help achieve stewardship of Colorado’s diverse forest environments.

5 strategic plan

CSFS Operational Environment


  • Share our excellence in forestry as Colorado’s go-to agency and the conduit for applying research and best management practices on the ground
  • Maintain forestry and wildfire expertise through current research and professional development
  • Proactively engage and inform research with partners


  • Foster resilient, healthy, functioning forests in mountain, riparian, plains and urban landscapes
  • Provide opportunities to help Coloradans understand the benefits healthy forests provide
  • Promote a strong network within the forest products industry that supports cost-effective land management needs
  • Deliver outreach and focused programs with measureable, impactful results


  • Collaborate with partners, landowners and stakeholders to achieve common goals to further the agency Mission
  • Identify and enhance critical partnerships


  • Increase visibility and recognition of the CSFS
  • Improve branding and target marketing of who we are and the services we provide
  • Facilitate understanding of people’s relationship with Colorado forests and the benefits of sound forest management
  • Provide leadership at all levels as we represent the agency externally


  • Create a supportive, cohesive and inclusive work environment where innovative employees work together, think outside the box and are challenged, empowered, recognized and rewarded
  • Offer competitive salaries and promote retention, longevity and continued education
  • Require engaged, transparent leadership that provides a clear direction and advocates for the agency
  • Enhance internal communication
  • Seek stable, diverse, sustainable sources of funding