Wood derived from Colorado forests and used for energy application significantly contributes to our state’s healthy forests, strong rural communities, and clean energy economy.

Using Woody Biomass for Energy

Across Colorado, many communities, governmental and educational facilities are choosing woody biomass as an energy source as it becomes an increasingly attractive renewable and carbon neutral resource.

By making this choice, these communities and facilities are contributing directly to Colorado’s New Energy Economy, which creates jobs in our state, protects the environment, helps promote energy security and independence, and energy equity.

Choosing wood energy also leads to healthier forests and stronger rural communities in Colorado as it helps offset the costs of keeping our forests green and creates jobs in our rural forest dependent communities.

To learn more about Colorado communities that are using wood for energy, be sure to check out our Where Wood Works: Harnessing the Energy of Woody Biomass in Colorado (5 MB PDF) publication.

CoWood Wood to Energy Projects & Programs

Find out by trying out our Biomass Ready App. Biomass Ready is a quick and easy process to help teams design new community buildings that can better adapt to an uncertain energy future.

Current Facilities in Colorado Using Wood Energy

LocationFacility Type
Boulder County 3.3 MMBtu/hr wood chip boiler
South Routt School District600,000 Btu/hr wood pellet boiler
National Renewable Energy Lab in Golden 9.9 MMBtu/hr wood chip boiler
Gilpin County3.3 MMBtu/hr wood chip boiler
Mountain Park Environmental CenterTwo manually fed 425,000 Btu/hr cordwood boilers
Colorado State University Foothills Campus1.5 MMBtu/hr wood chip boiler
Mountain Parks Electric1.1 MMBtu/hr wood pellet boiler
Jim Hubbard Fire Management Building150,000 Btu/hr wood pellet boiler
Gypsum, CO11.5 MW woody biomass Combined Heat & Power