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Learn How to Identify Ash Trees

The first step to protecting your property from emerald ash borer is determining whether you have ash trees on your property. Key attributes of ash trees include:

  • Compound leaves with 5 to 9 leaflets
  • Leaflets, buds and branches growing directly opposite from one another
  • Diamond-shaped bark ridges on mature trees

To see these and other features of ash trees, pass your cursor over the images in the grid below. Or watch the video to have a CSFS urban forester walk you through ash tree identification.

Need Help Identifying Ash Trees? There’s an App for That!

To help identify ash trees, the Colorado State Forest Service and Colorado State University Extension developed a free app for smartphones and tablets to determine whether a tree may be a potential target for EAB. The EAB/Ash Tree ID app works on most Android-based mobile devices.

Type your address or the city or town where you live into the search field on this map.

Map powered by the Colorado Forest Atlas from the Colorado State Forest Service