Fire is a natural process that can provide ecological benefits. The effect of fire on your property is partially determined by what you have done to effect a fire’s behavior and by what precautions your neighbors have taken.

Although we all like to think the fire will be somewhere other than on our own property, there are no guarantees. If working alone, you can significantly increase the chances of your home surviving a wildfire. If you work with your neighbors and community, you can significantly increase the chances of returning home to live trees.

We Can Help You

  • House & Property Assessments: A forester with wildfire experience will examine the exterior of your home and outbuildings for places an ember can become a fire and places a wildfire can make contact with the buildings. The forester also looks at the continuity of vegetation within 30 feet of the home. We will provide tips and suggestions in writing.
  • Project Assistance: The CSFS can designate the trees that need to be removed in order to improve the survivability of your house as well as your trees. In a limited number of cases, the CSFS can be hired to thin the trees near the house. We also have a list of contractors.
  • Chipping: The Salida Field Office has a chipper operated by our personnel to chip branches and small trees for landowners.
  • Community Wildfire Protection Plans: The CSFS can facilitate the community wildfire protection plan process. The process brings individuals together in a subdivision to learn about wildfire preparedness and helps them determine a plan of action to make the subdivision as a whole better prepared for an emergency.
  • Fire Mitigation Information: The CSFS can speak to a group of landowners about fire mitigation at a community or individual property level.

If you are part of a community that wants to reduce the negative impacts of wildfire, ask us about becoming a Firewise Community or a Fire Adapted Community. Both are national programs. It’s an opportunity to network with other communities.

Community Wildfire Risk Rating Maps

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